Is it weird that I get awkward and shy and shit when my dad tells me he loves me? Like it makes me uncomfortable and I feel like that’s not…good.


following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡

Me at every party i go to

(via debt)

A cut cannot heal,
unless you leave it alone.
I’ll open mine daily,
leaving bones exposed.

If I say I wouldn’t be hostile,
could you say you would do the same?
If we’re all made just a little bit broken,
tell me who is to blame?

So I’m in an awkward situation where there’s this girl I know who’s suuuper into me and I have literally no idea how I feel about her. I think she’s pretty, I think she’s kind like I’ve never experienced, and I think she’s a very respectable, humble person and I just really enjoy being around her. She’s spent the night a few nights and we’ve done nothing but kiss a bit which I’m entirely cool with, I wouldn’t want it to go any faster than it is. The problem is when we kiss I just feel nothing. Like literally Im thinking “hey that’s what your lips are like…neat.”
And I don’t know how to explain that kind of feeling to someone who is as into me as she is. Like “I like you romantically but I have no passionate, sexual, physically intimate drive with you. So like…high five”

And I don’t wanna like friendzone her cause maybe I just don’t know her that well yet and maybe I’ll end up really really liking her, I don’t wanna miss out on that….but I also don’t wanna let this go on and knowingly make her believe I feel somethhing that I don’t and hurt her. Idk mannn